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    2. 您好,欢迎光临普乐新能源(蚌埠)有限公司官方网站!


        Polar Photovoltaics Co., Ltd.

        Polar Photovoltaics (PV) was founded in 2006 by a group of semiconductor process equipment and solar industry veterans and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley the United States.

        Three core business of Polar PV:

        ● Design and manufacturing of high end equipment, e.g ., PVD, PECVD, ALD, LPCVD, IBD, Roll to Roll thin film coating system, CIGS production line, for semiconductor and solar industries.

        ● Manufacturing of silicon based thin film solar modules and integrated conductive back sheet for IBC and MWT high efficiency solar modules. Polar PV is the first thin film PV Company in China passed TUV, UL, IEC, CEC and CQC tests using its own technologies.

        ● Design and installation of solar power plans of MW scales.The installation bases are widely spread around the world.Polar PV’s application and integration engineering team provides services to customers,including feasibility study,customized design/installation,quality control,maintenance,and repair.